Newport Beach

University (or as some people say “uni”, which I think is pretty cute) has officially begun! Classes started last week, and boy oh boy am I in for a ride. I love science, hence why I’m studying to be a doctor someday, but it’s a tough road. As I dive into studying for hours and hours a day with classes that are crazy hard, I find myself in need of an outlet, a hobby, a time for adventure. So, on a Thursday evening some friends and I decided to hop in a car and drive to Newport Beach in SoCal. The crazy part about this trip: it was only about 65 degrees (way too cold for a beach day) and it had been cloudy all day, which is super out of the ordinary for sunny SoCal life. Regardless, we drove and made it to the beach. I brought my trusty film camera and snapped some pictures on my phone of the sun rays peaking through the clouds, and it was a great time. Rocks were climbed, ocean water was splashed, and the adventure was great. There were also tons of surfers out riding the waves and they were so good! But then, all of sudden, out of nowhere, the craziest most intense sunset happened that I had ever seen in my whole life! I’ve seen lots of great sunsets, but this one was extraordinary. And yes, I got some snaps! So here they are, taken on my phone: a sunset to end a quick adventure on a cloudy, cold day.


“When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator” -Mahatma Gandhi

IMG_4453 IMG_4456 IMG_4457 IMG_4458 IMG_4465 IMG_4469 IMG_4472 IMG_4475 IMG_4476 IMG_4478 IMG_4479 IMG_4480

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