My Pentax K1000

I’ve been anxiously awaiting to write this post, because it’s about something I’ve recently been enjoying tons: photography! I’m not wanting to go out and be pro, but I’ve been striving to learn the basics of capturing beautiful moments and memories. And what better way to do so then on film! It’s traditional, it’s fun, it tests your patience, but in the end there’s always something so beautiful. My special man got me my film camera, and I’ve been able to take it on all sorts of adventures! Unfortunately my first roll of film which had tons of great snaps (or so I hope it did) wasn’t loaded correctly, so no pictures were actually captured. But the memories were! Check out my post The Blank Film if you’re curious about that story! I just wanted to share a little gallery of film photos with you all and spread the good news about how awesome film is and how photography is a great hobby to invest some time in. These pictures are in no chronological order, but some were taken in Vancouver, BC, Canada, some at Newport Beach, CA, and some at Biola University, featuring a few sweet folks in my life.  

In the end, it’s always best to take it all in and treasure the moments, because sometimes pictures aren’t worth a thousand words; memories are worth a lot more.


“No place is boring, if you’ve had a good night’s sleep and have a pocket of exposed film.” -Robert Adams

0012_26 0008_30 0011_27

 Foggy pond





My dearest friend and giver of my Pentax K1000



Newport Beach pier


Acai Bowl thanks to Sambazon



Timmy, my thyme plant

0008_21 0010_19

Some great friends and adventures (featuring Starbucks)

0017_12 0007_22 0018_11


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