It’s been too long since I’ve written! I can’t believe it, but here’s something new: I moved!

To Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Living in SoCal for a year was awesome, full of memories and close friendships, but I felt God’s hand guiding me to move for school. And so I did, easy as that! Well, kinda…

It was a difficult decision, because who would want to leave sunny SoCal for rainy Vancouver? Well, why do people leave all they have and move halfway across the world to be missionaries: God’s calling.

If anything, moving has taught me to listen to God’s voice. Sometimes it’s difficult to wrap my mind around listening to God, because He’s not physically in this world or a physical being that talks. But that doesn’t mean He can’t talk to us or doesn’t want to. Of course He wants to talk to us; we’re His children! It’s difficult to listen to His voice in the midst of the temptations and pleasures and desires, but His voice is powerful over everything. It’s all about how we listen.

As for Vancouver, it’s wonderful! The rain hasn’t come yet, but I’m looking forward to see how I handle it. One of my favourite places to go is Kitsilano Beach, and when I along the sidewalk I see mountains, ocean, and a city skyline all in one place. It’s truly one of a kind, and I’ve never felt so full of life living here. School is wonderful in it’s own way. It’s definitely a big change and challenge, and it’s taken me awhile to get used to the differences, but I’ve never been at such peace amongst chaos. And I’ve been blessed abundantly by a wonderful community of housemates, friends, and family. All I have to say every day is, “God is so very good”.


“My prayer is to learn new things, imbibe fresh insights. You must not take life too seriously. You must enjoy the process of living.” ~Sonu Nigam

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