Being a Nanny

I wanted to take a moment to share part of what my summer 2016 consisted of. Actually, it almost consumed the later portion of it, but in a fantastic way. I was extremely blessed to be a nanny for the first time, which meant I got to stay in the beautiful city of Vancouver and hang out with the two best kiddos ever.


Getting this gig in the first place was nothing short of a miracle. I had been looking for full-time work this summer, but only for part of June to the end of August since I was taking summer classes in the first part of summer. I looked for nannying jobs first, because I had lots of experience working with kids the past two summers at Barnabas Family Ministries. I searched lots, interviewed a few times, and as the days went on, nothing seemed to be panning out. I went on vacation to Florida and decided not to think much about it, because I knew it was in the Lord’s hands. One morning, however, I decided why the heck not check online for any new job postings. Low and behold, a job had been posted a week previous that needed a full-time nanny for two young kids, but only from the end of June to the end of August! Bingo!! I sent a quick message to the mum looking to hire, and within a few hours I received a message back saying they wanted to meet me! Honestly, the Lord is so good and faithful.

The family I nannied for was amazing. They are the coolest people ever, and it was a serious blessing to love on their kids for nine weeks. We had our good days and bad days, laughs and meltdowns, but overall it was one of the best experiences ever. Our days consisted of eat, sleep, play, repeat. Seriously! And we played hard, every single day, rain or shine. We almost always did trips to the park, sometimes to the library, a weekend in Whistler, play dates with friends, gardening, crafting, baking, many grocery store runs, and on the second to last day we made the trip to the Vancouver Aquarium. Through all the fun and adventures, I also learned so much. Here are a few things:

1. Biking is so fun! I commuted to the house almost every morning, combining my exercise and transit time into one while also saving money on transit.

2. Never underestimate the power of wearing a cute dress, even if it gets mucky from dirty hands grabbing onto every corner to get your attention.

3. Ergos and strollers are the best gifts to parents and caregivers.

4. Sometimes all you need to have fun is a hose, a sprinkler head, and tupperware. Literally hours of entertainment right there!

5. Quiet time/nap time keeps everyone going for the day.

6.  Parks are almost as great as the beach.

7. Children uniquely process their environment and circumstances. Sometimes that’s in the form of a meltdown, other times that’s by screeching at everythingOften, though, it’s through play, independence, and teamwork.

8. It’s so important to always be there for a child, in their best and hardest moments. They just want to know they are cared for.

If I could do every part of the summer over again, I would! Nannying was an absolutely amazing experience, and I 100% recommend it for a summer job part-time, full-time, and with however many kids at whatever age you think fits you best. Kids have an amazing ability to teach you so many things about yourself, exposing your strengths and weaknesses. Although it can be challenging at times, at the end of the day an impact was made on a young life, and that is invaluable.


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Play dates.

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Starting to walk!

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Franny was convinced these were angelfish…

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“Let’s take a picture with your selfie camera because it’s our last day together!” -Franny


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